Get To Know Us...

  • Why Us?

    We’re experts in our field, we’ve got a can-do attitude and we really want to get involved! We’re not here to just make yarn, we’re here to promote the British wool industry and we want people to love their yarn as much as we love helping to create it.

  • How we work

    We’re a close-knit (pun intended) team with our own areas of specialty; some of us have been working with each other for over a decade! Communication and clarity are key, not just between us but also with our customers. We’re only ever a call away which means we can work quickly and effectively not just for production but also for general woolly advice.

  • Services

    Do you want to create a yarn from your own flock? We can do that. Yarn from fibres sourced by us? We can do that too. Do you have an idea for a product but need a hand bringing it to life? That’s what we do! From fibre scouring to spinning, dyeing and branding we can cover all bases to achieve the product you want. With this much knowledge under one roof we can guide you through every aspect of yarn and fibre production.

  • Timescale

    Timing does depend on what we’re making but as a rule of thumb it takes 12 weeks from fibre arrival to yarn delivery. We like to have the order in place before we receive the fibre so that when it arrives with us we can start production straight away. While the yarn is being made, we can work with you on branding (if you like!) and arrange for label printing so that by the time it is ready for balling or hanking your bands are there waiting to be put on.

  • Branding service

    We know a few things about branding yarn and can design something that fits your product perfectly and helps to position it where you want it in the market. From concept to design work, we’re there every step of the way, including revisions and technical additions. Once we’ve got the yarn (or fibre) sorted we can also help with point-of-sale kits so that you are ready to launch your new product. Leaflets, banners, counter stands and signage are all par for the course and we can make sure that you’ve got a setup that is right for you (or your stockists!) so that you’re ready to hit the ground running.

  • Shipping

    Getting couriers to take fibre can be tricky and vacuuming
    it down into parcels isn’t fun!  We work with couriers who are able to collect dumpy bags from you on pallets and deliver them straight back to our warehouse. When all the processing has been done, we’ll then send your boxes of your finished product.  It is as easy as that – we can arrange all of this to remove any unnecessary stress or work on your part.

  • Sourcing fibre

    Do you think you’ve got a hard request? Something unusual or
    difficult to source? Let us see what we can do! We pride ourselves on our wool and fibre knowledge and our ability to find even the most unusual fibres. We’ve sourced nettle fibre from the Himalayas, Vicuna from Peru and British wool from specific counties to meet product requirements. We love a challenge and the opportunity to use our skills to make ideas come to life.

  • Samples

    While we can’t send you samples of your own fibre before we go into full production we can send you similar samples from our vast library of fibre and yarn. If we don’t have an exact match its highly likely we’ll be able to provide comparable samples.

  • Fibre Types

    We’ll work with any fibre! We like to use at least 50% wool when we work, so if you have Alpaca or Mohair we may need to blend it with wool to help it run on our machines. We assess this on an order-by-order basis as no two batches are the same. If we don’t need to add anything, we won’t.

  • Sending Fleece

    You’ll need to make sure your fleece is fully sorted before you send it to us.  This means that you need to remove all dags, tup market, spray marker and any large bits of vegetation – we know how much our woolly friends like a good hedge!  You’ll also need to take out any felted fleeces as these won’t make good fibre products.  It can feel like you’re being really harsh when you’re skirting a fleece and taking off the neck, belly and britch fibre, but it will give you the best possible fibre to work with.  Remember; anything that doesn’t make the grade for processing can still be used in your garden!

    If we get sent unsorted fleeces these will be returned to the sender as we don’t have the space to sort them (we’re surrounded by a lot of wool all of the time!).

  • Visiting The Mill

    Getting your fibre processed is really exciting and we know you want to see every step of the process. Sadly, we can’t invite you to watch your fibre run through the mill because it is a very loud, busy place with some rather dangerous machinery. However, we can do the next best thing and send you videos and pictures. Just let us know when you submit your order and we’ll make sure to photograph your fibre’s journey so that you can share this on your social media, use it in your publications or just keep it for yourself.

  • Dyeing

    We offer a dyeing service and can colour match to solid samples if they are provided.  The smallest dye batch we do is 15kg which means a 50kg batch can be two dyed colours or you can have one dyed colour and the rest as a natural.  All of our dyes are Oeko-Tex 100 certified and dyed yarns can be tested for EN71-3 certification.

  • Blending

    If you don’t have 50kg all is not lost. We can still help you out! We carry a vast stock of fibres so we can add these to your own wool to bring it up to our minimum spinning weight. We can also add luxury fibres such as silk or bamboo to give your fibre an extra lift or special something. Equally, if you want to use fibre from our own stocks we can make something just for you based on your requirements.