Head Of The Wool Spinners


Richard knows the wool & fibre industry through & through. His ability to source quality fibres and create sustainable and affordable products and processes is amazing. The Wool Spinners was set up by Richard to make UK wool & yarn processing accessible to all; from smallholders to commercial outfits. His Yorkshire 'can do' & 'will do' attitude makes sure things get done. Properly.

Head of production


Yorkshire born and bred, Paul is our mill manager and spinning expert. With over 35 years in the wool industry, he knows a thing or two about spinning a yarn. His attention to detail and intricate knowledge of our machinery means that he can get the best product possible from the fibres we use. Thinking outside the box comes naturally to him which means that if there is a way to make something work, he will find it; he’s even built specific machines for the mill to fit our needs, how cool is that!

Head of customer happiness


Our token Southerner and resident wool nerd, Lara has worked in the wool industry for 10 years and has been breeding wool sheep since 2010. From the sheep themselves right through to a finished yarn she can advise on every aspect of yarn design and production with a vast knowledge of breeds and wool uses. She has designed bespoke yarns and yarn ranges for smallholders, businesses and dyers and is likely to get as excited as you about your ideas!

Head Of Carding, Combing & Blending


Can see in the future. Shabaz's years of experience on textile machines has given him a sixth sense of how to progress your creation perfectly. Each and every fibre has different characteristics and Shabaz has a keen eye for getting the best out of processing, just by spending a few minutes with your fibre. Reduced waste, better yields, even better results.

Head of Branding


Has a knack for being able to turn your branding ideas into reality. For the past 7 years, Andy has been product designing & branding in the wool industry and knows exactly what your customers will want to see! You'll be surprised just how quickly he can create your dream design from just a few short questions.